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Server Info Guide

on Sat Oct 07, 2017 8:23 pm
- Go to Mandara Memory Maiden and level up to max level Eda 40

- Latest sets and weapons are loaded automatically in storage
- Latest sets are the dark colored sets

- Demi mantra, gatekeepers, yinanng , desert lord Access LEVEL 2 are loaded in storage
- Get a virti and upgrade your access to level 1 in exile  (same with original access refinement in exile)
- ASBA RING you can get via quest

Rupiah Hunting  Methods
- Loot collectible items from monsters such as  hard fabric, Rose, Hands of Stained blood and sell them to any NPC to get rupiahs
- You can also do Post Scroll quests at Jina , Exile, or Biryu to receive bigger rupiahs after completion
- Kill bosses with parties

Item Mall
- Available at Jina map

PVP all map except mandara
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