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2nd JOB Quest

on Mon Oct 09, 2017 11:17 am
Eight Second Jobs If you have level up until 45, you can transfer your job to the 2nd Job. This is the list of the 2nd Job :


1 Vidya:

The Priest of Tantra. Most of his/her skills are for support/back up (e.g. increase maximum Hit Points, increase Attack Speed, increase Magic Resistance, increase Physical Defense, Party Heal, and many more). The basic function of this job is to keep members in the party healthy and well. This job is common and often important in areas with high monster levels and is essential in boss hunting. These characters often have low attack power but are harder to kill because they have healing and full support skills. Most commonly Vidya used Dull weapon along with a Shield. The most common ones are full support(fs) Vidyas who only put their skill points into support. Once a character dies, Vidyas can use their resurrection skill to revive a dead comrade. Another option is to make a battle support which utilizes the same build as the Nakayuda. A Vidya can burn all of their opponent's Tapas(Mana) disabling Tapas recovery for a limited time.

2 Nakayuda:

he Martial Artist of Tantra, and wears a battle weapon. Their build up is heart-muscle, or sometimes, others use heart-nerve. They bear high damages and stuns (once stunned, one can't move or use skill until the effect is gone). They can use their Jamush Skill to weaken their opponents and make them cause more damage. They also have Armor Break (Tiazate) to weaken Physical Defense of a Character. Also, they can use Saata to temporarily disrupt the HP/TP recovery of a boss or monster. Nakayuda the rolling tanker of the class.


3 Samabat:

The Summoner of Tantra. While they have less damage than the Abikara, this class can Summon two powerful Lions and Hell's GateKeeper Dadati to attack their enemies. Their ability to increase the tapas recovery rate and to decrease the Tapas(Mana) consumption is also very useful. Essential in parties so as to conserve on TP(Tapas Points). In Addition, Samabat can create two Shields that block the first attack of an opponent, one Shield used to protect the caster and the other radiates it to all party members. They also have an Instant teleportation skill that can summon the member of the party towards the caster. This skill is essential if that member is stunned and cannot move. Though they deal less elemental damage than the Abikara job, Samabat can increase their Elemental Attacks by 30% on a limited time.

4 Abikara:

The Sorcerer of Tantra. One of the most feared class in tantra. They deal high damages because of their passive ability that increases elemental damage by 20% and they also have high damaging nuke spells, but suffer due to lower hp compared to other tribes. Abikaras' mastery is fire, ice and lightning which deals great damage to their opponent. Though not strong in defense but their offensive power is wicked. Useful in Repel parties and killing Monster Bosses. Even if Abikaras have less Hit points than the other tribes, but they possess a skill that makes them Invincible for a limited time.


5 Karya:

The Bounty Hunter of Tantra. This is the class that wields the bow, and uses skills that deal physical damage from afar. Their skills are honed to hit the vital points of their enemies and try to cripple them before they even get close. They summon Wolves to aid them and use skills that immobilize their enemies. They also have a skill to drain their opponent's tapas and damage the opponent based on the drained tapas. Karyas' can create Magical Shield to reduce the damage from opponent and they can increase their elemental resistance and movement speed as well. They can hide and be made invisible to all opponents. They can even create another shield that negates all attacks and all abnormal status problems.

6 Druka:

The Stealth Assassin of Tantra. This class possesses the highest damage dealing capability. They usually do 1 hit kills, or high powered 2 hit combos that kill enemies before they can even see them coming. They are the masters of stealth, agility and of course, firepower. They either blind their opponents or turn invisible to gain the advantage. They also have a vampiric skill that absorbs certain amount of HP from opponent. The only setback is they somewhat have lower HP than other melee characters, but they can decrease their opponent's total HP for a certain percentage. Drukas can also create magical shield to reduce the opponent's damage and can increase elemental resistance and movement speed as well. Drukas have the ability to absorb 50% physical damage and 80% of elemental damage.


7 Satya:

The Tanker class of Tantra. They often have low damage as their best build up is pure heart. Their main duty is to "tank" all monsters. This job focuses on increasing defense, absorb damage and reflect the damage to opponent. When they are in a party, monsters (except a boss) prefer to hit nagas. They have many skills to increase their defense and can also absorb some of the damage their partymates take. Satya has high Hp and defense because of their chakra build and skills. Though not primarily built for battle, Satya have the skill that increases the attack power up to 300% and disregards defensive ability up to 30 damage.

8 Banar:

The Master Warrior of Tantra. They possess physical power and also have higher vitality. They can use their stun lock that is very difficult to avoid. It also has this special skill which dashes to its target thus attacking in a very surprising manner. However in the absence of a Vidya and Samabat, they will be forced to spend a lot on potions since they have a few or no skills to boost their HP and TP recovery rate. They can either wield a spear, an axe, or a blade which can be single or double-handed. Banar can do 3 hit combo and 3 stunning skills. In Tantra Philippines, the Banar recorded 150,000 critical damage on a monster in Mudha Dungeon.

2nd job change:

Upgrading into the 2nd class needs you to run some quests from Zangzu
in Jina Town. You'll be given three quests; Test of Wisdom, Test of
Justice, and depends on which type your character will be, the third
Test will be different.
Satya, Karya, Vidya, and Samabat will get Test of Patience
Banar, Druka, Nakayuda, and Abikara will get Test of Destruction
Test of Destruction

Reward: Handle of Broken Sword
1. Go to Fighting Monk Iddungddashu.
2. Deliver Test Proof to Hero Amar.
3. Find two scouts in Kruma and collect their military tags.
4. Report back to Monk Iddungddashu.

Test of Patience

Reward: Blood Cloth
1. Go to Weapons Salesman Ouyez.
2. Get the following ingredients: Moon Cow's Horn from Ban Gosu, Strapped Leather from Byokbo, Bowstring Tendon from Sobariung Gosu, and Glue Cell from Mangriang.
3. Report to Salesman Ouyez.
4. Get Thick String from Saranu.
5. Return to Salesman Ouyez.

Test of Wisdom

Reward: Piece of Paper
1. Go to Storehouse Keeper Zongkui.
2. Talk to Moriya of Anu Village.
3. If you have incorrect answers, you'll hunt 20 Anangas as your punishment. Located at Holy Army’s Barracks
20 questions that you must answer. The answers are as follows:

1. - Vartan
2. - 10 People
3. - Indra
4. - Nagamudra Hima
5. - 5050
6. - Apvas
7. - Exile
8. - 1432 People
9. - Ananga Dvanta
10. - Amrita
11. - 44 percent
12. - Shambala
13. - 8 King War
14. - 15
15. - Himayunga
16. - Vanata
17. - 6
18. - 8 King castle
19. - Chaturanga
20. - 1/126
4. Report back to Moriya and answer again.
5. If you have correctly answered all the questions, return to Storehouse Keeper Zongkui.

Test of Justice

Reward: Friend Named Cloth
1. Go to Defense Salesman Wangddaopo.
2. Form a party and get rid of the troublemaker at Coliseum.
3. Return to Salesman Wangddaopo

After completing all the Tests, go back to Zangzu, and he'll change you into the 2nd class.
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